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CleanMyPC 2018 Free Download

CleanMyPC 2018 Free Download

CleanMyPC 2018

CleanMyPC 2018 Free Download – When it comes to regular PC maintenance, the typical consumer is not all that knowledgeable regarding exactly what ought to be done to keep their device running efficiently. While there is some quality software on the marketplace (CCleaner) offered completely free several are gimmicky to attempt and obtain you to spend money on expensive software or are as well complicated to understand for the ordinary customer.

In the past, we’ve examined a Mac maintenance software called CleanMyMac 3 by a business called MacPaw, and they are understood making excellent optimization software at a cost-effective rate.

Today, we are most likely to take a look at CleanMyPC 2018 Latest Version, the sibling software to its Mac equivalent with all the bells and whistles you’ll need for clearing up unneeded space and enhancing your Windows device for extended usage.


CleanMyPC 2018 Free Download

CleanMyPC 2018 Free Download


CleanMyPC 2018 Review

The program is composed of 8 distinctive tools, consisting of a disk cleaner, pc registry “fixer”, a safe file deletion tool, and an uninstaller. Throughout this review, you’ll see that I discovered the software both easy to use and reliable. It tidied up more than 5GB of undesirable files from my PC and repaired more than 100 computer registry issues in a matter of minutes.

Targeted at customers that want an all-in-one option to keeping their PC fresh, CleanMyPC includes several existing Windows tools and builds on them to supply a simple and non-technical option for computer maintenance.

Layout & Interface
One of the aspects that I loved a lot concerning CleanMyMac 3 was its streamlined interface which had a contemporary feel that was likewise really useful when it pertained to individual communication. This classy style was not ported to the PC equivalent, yet the resulting UI is reasonably respectable.

The interface is organized neatly into several areas for simple navigation. The leading area take care of the removal of unneeded files and data on your PC so you could regain beneficial space on your hard disk. Every one of the bottom sections are utilities, each arranged within a committed tab.


My Computer
The very first ‘My Computer system’ tab should be the most previously owned section of the CleanMyPC 2108 software and where you’ll be able to remove a lot of the excess information.

All you need to do is initiate the ‘Scan’ button, and the software will automatically undergo your maker seeking unneeded or extra files that are taking up storage space and flag them for elimination.

This consists of points like Windows mistakes, scrap files, caches, information logs, short-lived files and files you could have currently tried to remove that are still sitting in the Recycle Container.

The second ‘hibernation’ tab is an exceptional device for those working on a desktop computer PC. The factor for this is that devices which continue to be fixed usually do not use the Hibernation feature within Windows, so you are squandering important disk room when leaving this feature enabled.

Microsoft has actually integrated assistance for “hibernation” setting within all modern Windows OS, and it is a power-saving state designed mainly for usage with laptops.

Unlike “Sleep” setting which conserves your computer system’s state in memory and still draws power, hibernation saves your computer’s state to your hard drive then shuts down your computer system’s sources hence drawing the minimal amount of power feasible while not being used.

For those planning to get this software for use with a desktop computer PC, this attribute is unneeded and could assist gain back substantial storage room advantages need to we decide to disable it.

CleanMyPC 2018 Version allows a one-click disable of the hibernation file, and this could conserve you more than 10GB of storage without any extra job or confusion.

Windows registry Upkeep
Many readers are most likely acquainted with the pc registry which runs in the backend of the Windows OS. A clean, organized computer registry is excellent for correct PC performance, so this tab is committed to searching for mistakes, errors, or vacant windows registry values and fixing them with a basic click.

Complete Uninstall
If you have actually ever accidentally downloaded a spammy software or bloatware while surfing the internet, you understand just how much of a pain it can be to remove it. On the other hand, you might just have actually found yourself setting up far a lot of games or software on your PC to the point where your hard disk is becoming full, yet you have lots of extra application that you want to eliminate.

With this tab, you could select from the programs presently mounted on your equipment and launch an uninstall. The advantage of this CleanMyPC 2018 Download is that it will certainly first run through the initial uninstaller software bundled from the maker. While this will certainly do away with most of the initial data, usually it is not really reliable in the removal of each program’s files and will wind up leaving residues of the software on your PC without you recognizing it.

For this reason, CleanMyPC 2018 Free Download will do a second action which is checking your machine for any remaining files associated with the application that has been uninstalled and eliminate them.

Gadgets & Expansion Supervisor
I am not someone that prefers to utilize Gadgets in Windows, however I am a big fan of third-party extensions for the Chrome internet browser. This section will check for any Windows Gadgets or plugins/extensions for your set up web browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Web Explorer) and permit you to pick which you wish to get rid of. This can be practical in a malware situation as corruptive software could obtain installed with your web browser’s plugins and can be a discomfort to find them by hand for removal.

This is an instead common function that simplifies the process of running MSConfig to choose which software you wish to start up with your Windows OS when your computer is switched on.

  Download Wise Registry Cleaner 9.41.612 Latest Version

The more software you have made it possible for, the slower your PC will certainly boot and do. This is one the largest difficulty areas I see when doing freelance PC assessments and most people never understand they have 25 different software readied to boot and run in the background in any way times when they just ever before use 7 of these programs.

Privacy Guard
I do not see a massive need for this function, yet Personal privacy Guard is CleanMyPC’s way of enabling you to eliminate things like your Windows background or internet browser cache, cookies, history, or permission in a fast and efficient fashion all from a single screen.

Safeguard Erase
If you’ve ever before stored sensitive files or information on your PC, the possibility for these files to be recouped after wiping your computer system or marketing it to someone else is a genuine issue in the modern world these days.

With this feature, you can merely pick a file or folder that you want to get rid of completely. The software will after that remove it to the point where it can never be restored or recuperated utilizing a third party information recovery software. It does this by rewording the files with zeroes as much as three times and afterwards removing it so any kind of recoverable information will certainly be invalid.

CleanMyPC Versus CCleaner Free
I have actually always been a fan of a free cleaning and optimization software called ‘CCleaner Free’ so I wondered to see exactly how CleanMyPC stacked up against it relating to functions and efficiency. While I’ll conserve the performance for the following section, I’ll do my finest to contrast them although it is worth keeping in mind that a number of these functions are used in both.

CleanMyPC has the advantage of the one-click hibernation disable, a substantial benefit as you could regain a significant section of your disk drive in just a single click. The full uninstall device within CleanMyPC differs from that in the CCleaner Free as it goes the additional action to search for files or folders left behind after the supply uninstall process is total whereas CCleaner simply uses the default set up process.

CCleaner Free does not supply a means to disable the hibernation function, but it does have a benefit with devices like a disk analyzer, replicate finder, and system bring back function. CCleaner Free uses a “drive wiper” tool which is similar to the Secure Get rid of function within CleanMyPC although it requires you to erase the whole hard drive rather than a simple file or folder.

I have actually had CleanMyPC running on my old job computer system and now gaming rig for the past number of months. It is not an item of software that I use daily, yet I run it when a week as part of my routine maintenance program to keep my equipment running smoothly.

Considering that setting up CleanMyPC, it has actually gotten rid of just under 52GB of excess files and dealt with countless problems with my computer registry as I am often including and removing new pieces of software for review functions along with my very own individual usage.

CleanMyPC Versus CCleaner Free
Given that I had not run any type of maintenance software on my PC for a couple of weeks, I thought it ‘d be a great idea to check and compare both lead to see which one done much better:

Concerning the file cleaning potential, CCleaner Free discovered an enhancement 1,115 MB (over a GB) or 34% even more unneeded files compared to that of CleanMyPC. In the computer system registry search, CleanMyPC discovered 155 prospective pc registry repairs whereas CCleaner Free discovered 304 entries to fix, virtually 50% more.

Off, CCleaner has been in the PC optimization industry given that 2003 and have actually mostly concentrated on the Windows OS whereas MacPaw expanded its roots as a Mac developer, only going into the PC market a few years back.

As a result of this, CCleaner has broadened their scanning technology to consist of even more third-party applications for cleaning prospective and covers advanced registry difficulties, so their results wind up with a much deeper check than that of CleanMyPC.

Nevertheless, CleanMyPC has 2 big advantages that still keep it a contender in this room. The capability to disable the hibernation file conserved me 12.77 GB right off the beginning meaning that if I contrasted these outcomes with these additional hibernation savings included then CleanMyPC wins by a large margin as it had the ability to conserve me 16303 MEGABYTES of data storage versus the 4323 MB savings from CCleaner, nearly 4X as much area is now able to be utilized.

Furthermore, I am a huge follower of the uninstall treatment that CleanMyPC harnesses over that of CCleaner. The additional post-uninstall check can save you a substantial quantity of information with time from excess files that are left behind and produces a more complete elimination process compared to its deregulation, something that is even more crucial when getting rid of prospective bloatware or malware.

Last Judgment
MacPaw’s CleanMyPC software is not as much of a necessity as its CleanMyMac 3 brother or sister, but it stays an useful optimization application for Windows customers. While only counting on CCleaner Free is the excellent choice for somebody on a tight budget, CleanMyPC’s one-click hibernation disable, comprehensive program uninstall approach and secure erase file/folder tool make it worth the affordable price-point from my experience.

CleanMyPC 2018 Free Download Free Download

License: Freeware
Website: https://macpaw.com/cleanmypc
Developer: MacPaw Inc
OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows XP, Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 / 8.1 (64-bit), Windows XP (64-bit)

CleanMyPC 2018 Download for Windows 32-bit | Download Here
CleanMyPC 2018 Download for Windows 64-bit | Download Here

Note: If the download link is broken (broken link) please feel free to comment below so we can quickly fix it, or you can also contact us through the contact page available. thank you

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